Vote for Ernie – More experience for less cost

  • The only candidate to not take a County pension saving taxpayers over $150,000
  • Authored “California Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights” legislation and Original Prop 13 Regulations.

Vote for Ernie – Only qualified candidate

  • The only candidate that meets the legal requirement to hold the office as a California Certified Property Tax Appraiser.

Vote for Ernie – A track record of success

  • Successfully manages 405 employees, 5 offices, and a $71,000,000 budget
  • Worked overtime to lower property taxes and provide some relief during the economic recession for taxpayers whose homes lost value.
  • Receiving a 98.3 % positive customer service survey rating and 4 ½ stars on YELP by changing the department “culture” to put customers first.
  • Returned an average $3,814,087 of his annual budget to the County general fund
  • Reopened 2 regional offices to the public
  • Extended office hours and included Saturday hours with no new staff
  • Implemented innovative technology so taxpayers can conveniently move from in-line to online.
  • First Assessor’s office in California to implement online forms with secure electronic signatures
  • Received state and national awards for technological innovation
  • Established a Senior Citizen and Disabled Veterans advisories.
  • 20+ years experience advocating for taxpayers